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Crystal Garden & Salt Cave is hosting Aura Explorer Photography at a one day pop up ! For 40.00 you will get a one of a kind aura photo with a 15 minute reading on how your using your energy and what your aura colors say about you.

Aura Explorer uses an analog camera with hand sensors to translate your unique aura onto a polaroid film for one of a kind portrait . After your film develops you’ll get a personalized reading as to what the colors and placement of them in your aura mean. Exploring your energy in a visual way will open yourself to what you are feeling and projecting to the world. Come along on our journey of being lucky enough to witness the wondrous light people are giving off to the world.

Appointments are required you can book on our Facebook page or call/text 570-664-1755 to schedule. If you have Facebook ACCOUNT you can book by searching for AURA EXPLORER PHOTOGRAPHY .

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Alternatively you can contact Diana at Crystal Garden to reserve your spot at 570-972-2104.

  • Payments can also be made through / Please use payment option as friends and family.
  • Or Venmo at @ Crystalgardenpoconos

Make sure to leave your full name and phone number upon using PayPal or Venmo. You can always call the store during business hours to confirm your payment.


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