Crystal Healing Certification Weekend Intensive

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Weekend Intensive • 11/5/21 – 11/7/21
Friday 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-7pm
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of $450 – SAVE $100 until Oct 27th when you register online!
Or pay $550.00 on the day of the event in person.

  • Experience the power of crystals when used for healing,
  • Learn the metaphysical properties of over 30 stones,
  • Practice Crystal Healing techniques while incorporating the core essence of Stone Medicine,
  • Free Crystal Chakra Kit

Join bestselling author and crystal expert Laurelle Rethke for this immersive course, covering all you need to know to start using crystals for healing in your personal or professional practice. We cover many aspects of working with Crystals in this jam-packed course…including opening to the subtle energies of stones, the mechanics of our energy body, some key science behind how crystals work with our body for healing, identification and application of a large variety of stones and crystal “families”, hands on training in various Crystal Healing techniques used throughout modern and ancient traditions, opening to your inner healer, insights to gain deeper healings, basic client and crystal care, working remotely and in person, and so much more—all while learning to work intuitively with the stones and your own inner wisdom.

You’ll also receive…

  • Expert support and guidance while you incorporate Crystal Healing into your life or practice
  • A 25 page booklet to take home with you for further study and retention
  • Membership in an online Alumni group
  • Requirement : You must facilitate 10 Crystal Healings within 3 months of the class for full certification


Weekend Intensive • 11/5/21 – 11/7/21

Friday 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-7pm

Full Course, Crystal Chakra Kit (or Crystal Meditation download if not), 30 page Booklet, Facebook Alumni Page Support, plus 60 minutes post class consultation & Certification • $450

Laurelle has been teaching this course in small class sizes since 2017.

Over 50 people have graduated from the course.


Bestselling author Laurelle Rethke has been using nature’s medicine for over 25 years. From crystals, essential oils, sound and movement to energy healing, meditation and astrology—she is most well known for her work with crystals—drawing upon her studies from five different crystal healing lineages and teaching about the metaphysical use of stones since 2009. Founder of 5 Sense Healing and The Faerie Den in New York City, she has taught and spoken at venues throughout the U.S and certified many new Crystal Healing Therapists since 2017. Her debut book Connecting with Crystals was a #1 Hot New Release on the Castle Point imprint of Macmillan Publishing through St. Martin’s Press.

Laurelle is deeply grounded in an earth-centered consciousness and helps to bring in new understanding on health, healing, and spiritual alignment. She believes that our relationship with the natural world is key to connecting us to the Divine, Ourselves, and All That Is. A Master of Crystology and an energy healer, Laurelle seeks to empower others to be their most connected, present and aligned selves—for when we are individually at our most whole, so is the world. She finds crystals are one of the best mediums to enhance this process. Learn more at


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