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Welcome Speed Daters!

It is our great pleasure to host this event for all of you fine single folk! This event is tailored to the open-minded, the spiritual minded and to those who want to grow and welcome new relationships with like-minded individuals into their life.

Below is a detailed description of the event agenda. DO NOT be late! Most importantly be prepared to enjoy a day of personal growth, fun and great company!

Fifteen women and fifteen men will join together on this enchanted evening to mingle and take their chance at love!

To reserve your space and for more information please contact the event coordinator Ivy at 272-219-7122

Event Cost: $50

Event Details

    • All prepaid guests sign in & receive their gem from Crystal Garden that we will use later in the evening to pair couples.
    • Hand out sheets with Ice Breakers/Questions to help guests get to know one another.
    • Arriving guests will choose a match from their profile information on the sign in table. Once matched, their profiles will be removed & set away for later use.
    • In this exercise guests will be guided in answering three questions to help them prepare for the love that they truly desire and to help set their intention to attract that love for the evening and for the future.
    • The guests will write the answers to these questions on a paper given to them by the speaker and a Burning Of The Paper ceremony will commence helping guests to release their intentions into the universe, letting go of old habits or fears in love & relationships and welcoming in new ideas of love and relationships with an open heart.
    • At the bonfire, after the Burn of Paper ceremony, guests will reach for the gem given to them at check in by Diana of Crystal Garden. Diana will encourage the guests to find their partner with the matching gem.
    • Once coupled Diana will tell the couples the significance of their gem in relation to love, self healing or relationships.
    • The couples will then accompany their gem partner in a romantic walk through the Fairy Trail where they can use the Ice Breaker questions sheet provided at check in to get to know one another.
  • 5:30pm FEAST OF LOVE
    • As guests exit the Fairy Forest they will receive a piece of paper with a name written on it. The name written on this paper will identify their next partner. The guests themselves will pick this paper out of a basket. They will pair with this person and head towards the buffet table with light fare. (Light snacks & Jasmine lemonade will be prepared)
    • The couples are encouraged not to serve themselves, but to prepare a plate for their partner. This exercise will provide an opportunity to get to know one another on many levels from what they like to eat to how comfortable they are with being a giver and accepting a gift from someone else. It is also a game of trust. The Ice Breaker/ Questions sheet can be used while eating to help become acquainted if needed.
    • At check-in each guest has 60 seconds to select a match of their choice. (First come first serve.) The guest will pick a guest based on their profile information (name, age, occupation, likes). Once selected that person’s profile will be removed from the table and they will be matched to sit, dance, talk, laugh by the bonfire with music after dinner.
    • Lavender Ice Cream made from the flowers of Paradise Lavender Farm’s garden will be served for dessert.
  • 6:30pm FREE FOR ALL
    • At this time an announcement will be made for guests to introduce themselves to everyone (name, what they are looking for in love (quick version) and their favorite thing about themselves i.e.talent, trade).
    • Guests will then be encouraged to spend their last moments at the Lavender Farm intermingling. This will provide an opportunity for guests to talk to someone that they had their eye on throughout the night but did not get matched up with.
  • 7:30pm FAREWELL
    • All guests are dismissed for the evening and set free to create new and beautiful relationships in love! With the night still being young, the possibilities are endless.

To reserve your space and for more information please contact the event coordinator Ivy at 272-219-7122 – make payments to

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Alternatively you can contact Diana at Crystal Garden to reserve your spot at 570-972-2104.

  • Payments can also be made through / Please use payment option as friends and family.
  • Or Venmo at @ Crystalgardenpoconos

Make sure to leave your full name and phone number upon using PayPal or Venmo. You can always call the store during business hours to confirm your payment.


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