Learn Tarot Basics Part 1

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Starting May 4th at 5:30-7:30PM with author Gita Rash

The series of classes are as follow on May 4th , 11th, 18th and 25th from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
$33 per class
Please call 570-972-2104 to reserve your spot, payment must be made over the phone.

The Tarot is a simple yet wonderful tool to connect with your intuition and receive messages from the divine for healing, understanding and expansion. By learning how to interpret the 78 tarot cards you can gain an in-depth knowledge to read any kind of deck for wisdom and enlightenment.

In a series of 4 classes you will be able to identify the four key elements, the major and minor Arcana and use them in creating and reading the different layouts and spreads.

Every class will enable you to get a deeper understanding of how the tarot cards relate to one another and give you an overall meaning. You will be given handouts of the basic interpretation of every card.

Please bring a Tarot deck with you. The Rider Waite deck is recommended. If you don’t have the Rider Waite tarot you can purchase at the store for 10% discount.


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