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Come To Me, Love Kit



Self-Love Kit for Love, Balance & Happiness

-Palo Santo, Chakra & White Sage, Rose Incense, Rose Quartz Tower, 1 White Candle, 1 Pink Candle, Rose Quartz Pendant & Silver Chain, Rose Quartz Chipped Bracelet



Self-Love Kit for Love, Balance & Happiness

-Palo Santo for purifies and cleanses negative energy

-Chakra & White Sage for balance, purification, and bringing positive vibes into your space. Perfect for Meditation.

-Natural Bamboo/ Rose Incense/ 50 Sticks w Incense Holder

-3″ Tall-Rose Quartz Tower to bring in more Love, Peace & Calmness to your sacred space.

-1 White Candle for purifying your home space. By going into each room and going clockwise direction. Asking spirit guides to remove all unwanted negative energies from your energy field. The same you can do with white sage.

-1 Pink Candle- To bring in more Self-love and compassion towards yourself. Or leave pink candle by your home’s doorway to welcome in New Love.

-Rose Quartz Pendant & Silver Chain to wear daily. Bring in love, peace & calmness 

-Rose Quartz Chipped Bracelet. Wear on your left hand to bring in good vibes all day.

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