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Join Laurelle again on Sunday…

Take your experience a step further! Sign up for your own personalized Rock Reading or Crystal Healing with Laurelle, where you will receive individualized attention that takes your journey with stones to the next level.

  • Rock Readings $30/20 minutes
  • Crystal Healings $111/60 minutes

As with any reading, Crystals are this time the guide to finding out more about who you are and what you need to know at this time, offering insight into your life and where you’re headed. The stones may reveal information around love, career, finance, personal or spiritual growth, or any issue you have questions around. Once you choose the stones, Laurelle will interpret what these ancient wisdom keepers have to relay, with a little time to ask specific questions.

  • Rock Readings • $30/20 minutes

Crystals, Sound and Source energy attuned to your needs
Align to your truest self in this soothing body-mind-spirit experience with the assistance of nature’s most ancient wisdom keepers, the healing frequencies of sound, and connection to pure Source energy. These sessions cleanse, balance, revitalize, and attune your entire energetic and physical system, affecting your deepest core essence.

Renowned as crystallized light consciousness, the minerals, sacred geometric crystalline structures, colors and vibrational frequencies within stones work energetically with our body’s intelligence while healing sound shakes off all that is no longer serving us, allowing our cells and energy to revert to their original state. Laurelle works with your guides and pure Source Energy in these intuitive sessions to tune you to your highest frequencies and align you with the perfection of the Divine within.

Experience the healing power of crystals, sound and energy medicine first-hand in these magical sessions.

  • Crystal, Sound and Energy Healing • $111/60 min

To book a session, please contact Diana at Crystal Garden at 570-972-2104

About Laurelle

Laurelle has been using nature’s medicine for over 25 years. From crystals, essential oils, sound and movement to energy healing, meditation and astrology—she is most well known for her work with crystals—drawing upon her studies from five different crystal healing lineages and teaching about the metaphysical use of stones since 2009. Known as a spiritual alchemist, bridge-builder and crystal maven, she is deeply grounded in an earth-centered consciousness and helps to bring in new understanding on health, healing, and spiritual alignment. She believes that our relationship with the natural world is key to connecting us to the Divine, Ourselves, and All That Is.

Learn more about Laurelle at or


If you’d like to book an in-person or virtual consultation or healing session with Laurelle in NYC, she sees folks by appointment between 1-7pm Monday-Friday and some weekends. For more information on Laurelle and the full list of services she offers, you may visit For more information on workshops and the shop, please visit Feel free to call or text me at 917-406-0225 with any questions.

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Alternatively you can contact Diana at Crystal Garden to reserve your spot at 570-972-2104.

  • Payments can also be made through / Please use payment option as friends and family.
  • Or Venmo at @ Crystalgardenpoconos

Make sure to leave your full name and phone number upon using PayPal or Venmo. You can always call the store during business hours to confirm your payment.


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