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Salt Therapy now available in Mt Pocono

Crystal Garden now offers halotherapy*, generally referred to as salt therapy (in a human-made environment), on site.  There is a more natural form of salt therapy called speleotherapy, which takes place in a natural salt cave underground environment, and is for obvious reasons harder to come by. You can reap the same benefits from both forms.

The benefits of salt therapy has been known and practiced for a long time throughout Europe, but now us folks on the other side of the Atlantic have the opportunity to reap the benefits. We have constructed a salt room in which a halogenerator disperses micro-particles of pure 99.99% pharmaceutical grade salt into the room. The floor and walls are beautifully covered with Himalayan salt for ultimate relaxation and renewal.

And this Spring it’s available in Mt Pocono any day of the week except Tuesdays. To start off, we offer salt therapy sessions of 45 minutes @ $30 per person. Later we will also offer special classes/workshops in the salt environment. You can book a time by calling the store or use our online booking calendar below for Mon-Fri appointments (except Tues). For appointments on the weekend, we ask you call us first for availability.

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Why Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is based on the premise that salt can help balance out the ions in our bodies in their most basic form, leading to both physical and spiritual benefits.

Salt Therapy will help you:

  • Breathe more easily
    The negative ions in salt particles in the salt cave helps purify the air, which, helps increase your lung capacity. If you have any respiratory illnesses this can be very beneficial.

  • Make your skin look better
    Salt has upwards of 84 minerals that the skin will absorb in the salt cave. One of the major benefits of salt as opposed to mineral salts is that it helps the skin attract moisture.

  • Elevate your mind and spirit
    45 minutes inside a salt cave is roughly the same as spending 2 days at the beach according to salt-cave experts. Like on the beach, the negative ions in the air helps boost your mood and energy levels. So if you are stressed or feeling anxious, the salt cave is a great remedy.

What Does a Salt Cave Session Entail?

A regular session is similar to going to a spa where you take off your shoes and slip into something comfortable and take the time to relax in a room filled with salt. The room has a pleasant lighting and a comfortable chair and massage table, making for a relaxing environment. The salt cave’s door is closed and remains closed throughout the session to avoid disturbing the experience (or the salt particles produced by the in-cave generator).

Book a Salt Cave Session

When booking a salt cave session with us, you are required to sign the following waiver either electronically or on our premises. Group sessions (max 4 per session) are available. Special discount promotion for groups of 4. See special (click the blue framed box) when booking using the calendar below. For groups of 2-3 tick off the ‘Bringing anyone with you?’ box.

Member of the Salt Therapy Association

Member of the Salt Therapy Association

* Disclaimer: The statements expressed throughout this website in regards to Halotherapy or any modality offer at Crystal Garden have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We recommend our guests to consult with their doctor prior to trying Halotherapy or any other modality.

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