Reiki’s Benefits

  • Accelerates healing relieves pain, stress, & tension
  • Calming, nurturing & comforting
  • Recipients often report feeling a spiritual connection and a feeling of peace
  • Reducing pain and stress while giving the recipient warm and comforting touch
  • Concentrate better and be more focused with work
  • Reduced stress and easing of pain, clearing away of old emotional baggage, as well as a new understanding in the spirit in one’s own life
  • The only requirement is the willingness to receive Reiki Energy

Rate Exchange:

  • 60 min sessions: $77.77
  • 30 min sessions: $55.55

You can pay for the session below using the dropdown button, we also accept Venmo @CrystalGardenPoconos and and we will get back to you to book a time. If you have any questions or want to book a session, please call us at (570) 972-2104.

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